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Jewellery Care Instructions & Materiality

Care Instructions for Jewellery & Accessories

Due to the handmade nature of my jewellery and precious stones, all items will vary slightly as all the stones aren't all exactly identical.
I have protected all my jewellery but please ensure to remove jewellery when in contact with water so that your items remain to the best possible quality. 
All jewellery is handmade and delicate so please remove jewellery when going to sleep as well.
All metal bags are handmade / also vintage pieces that can be cleaned by just gently wiping them down. Please treat them with care as they are very beautiful and can't be replaced!
Metal bags are handmade and you can see the work that has been put into it. Because of the handmade nature there will be some imperfections adding to their beauty.

What Materials do I use to make my Jewellery?

✓ All the brass rings are antique brass and I have polished and protected them so they don't tarnish further than the antiqued finish.

✓ All silver rings are antique sterling silver plated brass. The base metal of the silver rings is brass and I have protected them so that they don't tarnish further after I have antiqued them.

✓ All silver necklace chains are sterling silver of a high quality and the pendants are sterling silver plated brass.
✓ All gold/ brass necklace chains are antique gold plated steel of a good quality and the pendants are antique brass.